Holiday Dreaming 2016 : Cape Verde

It's been nearly 11 years since I last went on holiday outside of the UK. 
The last time was when I was 15 and I went to Majorca with my Mum, Dad and
sister Annabelle. 

Stuart and I have never been abroad together and we never got a Honeymoon after
we married in 2012. Finances have always been pretty tight for us but I was
very lucky and came into some money that enabled us to go to the Isle of Wight last year.
That money has also enabled us to finally go away on one of our dream holidays this 
year Cape Verde. 

So later this year we will be going to Santa Maria in Cape Verde for 7 nights. 
We have booked with Thomas Cook and are staying the bungalow rooms in the hotel we have chosen.  The holiday is all inclusive and visas and insurance is 
included in the cost which will make life a lot more easier.

Going away to the Isle of Wight last year made us realise that holidays are important for
our well being and helping us to have fun and relax as a family.
From now on we have decided that we will start saving in hope that we can go away somewhere at least every 2 years or so. 

I am looking forward to sharing with you our adventures in Cape Verde. 
If you have any tips,advice or a blog post on travelling with an almost 2 year old,
what to pack etc than I'd love to know as I'm one for 
wanting to be organised in advance as I can get very anxious. 

Are you going anywhere nice this year? 

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