My C-section Experience

Did you know that it is C-section Awareness Month? I didn't until very recently. 
It's got me thinking about Blake's birth where I had to have an emergency C-section and about what people actually know about C-sections. 

When I had Blake back in December 2014 I wrote his birth story  but I haven't really wrote about my experience of having an Emergency C-section. Like what happens before, during and after having one. 

Why I had a C-section:
 C-sections are normally had for many reasons such as complications during labor,  a multiple birth, the baby is too large, HIV, if you've had a previous c section ( however this isn't always the case) etc. 

For me it was because my labor wasn't progressing I had been in labor for almost 23 hours when the decision was made to have an emergency c-section. 
Blake was stuck and in fact I split when they got his head out during the C-section. 

What a C-section Involves:
A C-section birth involves major abdominal surgery where an incision is made just above your pubic bone on the bikini line area, several cuts are made through skin, tissue and muscle to get to the baby. This is usually be done with a type anaesthetic such as an epidural or spinal block which allows you to remain awake if you want to.The baby is then delivered safely and you get stitched back up. 

Before my C-section
Everyone's experiences are of course different. 
For me the first step when they made the decision was for me to sign a consent form. 
At the time I was so exhausted that I didn't really read it as I just wanted to get my baby 
here safely and that was all that mattered. 

I was then sent down to theater where was prepped for surgery whilst Stuart was getting into scrubs in another room. As I had already had an Epidural all I needed was to be topped up with a higher dosage and then  they used a cold spray to make sure that I was numb enough. A small catheter was then inserted into my urethra, this is to help drain any urine during the procedure and also for the 12 hours after/ until the numbness has gone.

Because I was already on a drip to be induced and to also prevent dehydration, I already had an IV drip which was then used to administer antibiotics after my c-section. 

After My C-section 
After the c-section I was sent to recovery and was able to have some toast. 
At this point even though I had our little boy with us all I wanted to do was sleep. 
I had a nurse check up on me every so often during the night but one of the things 
that bothered me the most was that it was such a long time after giving birth that 
I was given the option to try and breastfeed. So Blake hadn't had anything from when he was born at 12:16 am until just before lunch time when I asked to be able to try and have help in doing so. This was approx 12 hours after he was born so he must have been so hungry  and I do believe this may have been why we struggled so much with latching. 

After attempting to breastfeed and having difficulty I was sent up to the ward where I
was given some compression stockings to prevent blood clots which Stuart helped me into. 
After having visitors I was told that I needed to try and get up and walk about. 
I can still remember the pain and thinking about it makes me wince. 
But I am glad I tried and walked a little bit around the room we were in. 

The nurses throughout my stay kept checks on me and gave me pain meds when I needed them. Another thing was I was given an injection for the first 7 days to help prevent any blood clots. When I went home after 3 days after I had to do the injection myself which wasn't too bad after the first few days of doing it. 

C-section Tips: 

-Pack large comfy knickers you will need them to prevent your scar from rubbing. 
Plus they are better than the horrible knickers they give you in hospital to wear. 

-  Make sure you pack comfy clothing maternity jeans and leggings were 
a staple for me for making feel comfortable and not rub on the scar. 

- Air your scar, this is important I made sure that I did this for 5 to 10 minutes to prevent infection a few times a day. 

- Try and rest I was lucky to have Stuart do a lot for me afterwards as I was in so much pain. 

- I have heard that its a great idea to get a c-section belt as they can keep the tummy lifted. 
I never tried one after having Blake but probably would if we have anymore children. 

I hope some of this information is helpful to anyone who maybe want's to know
more about C-sections in case they have to have one. 
Remember though that each person's experiences maybe different. 

Did you have a C-section? 
If so was it planned? or like me an Emergency? 

As I always I love to read your comments. 

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