Holidays Of A Lifetime In 2016

Have you got a serious case of wanderlust? Have you decided that 2016 is the year to embrace travel and adventure? If so, you may be thinking about potential holiday destinations. If you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime, why not take these unique trips into consideration?

Safari holiday
Nothing prepares you for the sight of wild animals gallivanting around in their natural habitat. Safari holidays are unlike no other. You’ll learn something new every day, and you’ll be treated to views you’ll never forget. Choose from walking tours, game drives or an air safari. Combine animal encounters with soaking up the rays on a tropical beach. Popular safari destinations include Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania. For something a little off the beaten track, visit Namibia or Botswana. Research the best times of year to visit, especially if you’re interested in specific events. Many people choose to visit the Masai Mara to catch the annual wildebeest migration between July and September, for example.

Northern Lights spotting
Seeing the Northern Lights is a major player on most bucket lists. This natural phenomenon has to be seen to be believed. It’s possible to see the lights from Scandinavia, Iceland and Canada most of the year round. Winter is the best time to visit, as the lights are clearer in the dark night skies. There are all kinds of Northern Lights holidays available. For something special, why not stay in glass igloos in Lapland? Lie back and enjoy the aurora dancing from the comfort of your own private living quarters. While you’re there why not book a husky safari and a snowmobiling tour?

Action and adventure
If you’re an adrenalin junkie looking for a perfect hangout in 2016, look no further than New Zealand. Here you can jump, climb and dive to your heart’s content. Try out skydiving and bungee jumping in Queensland. Don your crampons and head for the Franz Josef Glacier. Test your mettle on the rapids of the Mohaka. After experiencing the thrills and spills, unwind and relax those tense muscles in the thermal pools at Rotorua.

Round the world adventure
If you’ve drawn up a shortlist and it’s actually pretty long, why not go the whole hog and book a round the world ticket? You can tailor your trip to take in as many destinations as you wish. Flexible tickets with numerous stop-offs are often significantly cheaper than booking individual flights. Well-trodden tourist routes include Australia and South East Asia, and South and North America. You can travel for as long as you want and you have the freedom to adjust your itinerary.

Travel broadens your horizons and gives you an appreciation of the wonderful world in which we live. If you’re looking for a little more than sun and sand this year, why not take these ideas on board? Think outside the box and do some research. Have a look at travel tips online and flick through some magazines. Work out when you want to go and set a budget. Look for the best deals and then start the countdown!

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