Fathers Day Gifts with Snapfish

Snapfish recently contacted me to ask if I wanted to review some items for Fathers Day (19th June) as I love personalised Items I had to say yes. 

Next was the hard decision of what to choose as they have such a varied selection of items.
I chose to get some prints that we could frame, some personalsied cards and x6 photo coasters. 

Now one of the issues I have constantly with Snapfish is all my photos coming up as low resolution so I felt restricted on what items to choose as I didn't want them to come out blurry. I don't know if anyone else has had this issue at all? I use photos from my camera which is why it confuses me as could understand with photos taken from a mobile phone.

So the prints we chose were a selection of me with Blake, Stuart with Blake and Blake with his Grandad and the three of us as a family. We went for the 7x5 matt prints which are 19p each. Even though the website was saying that the photos were low quality I still feel that they came out well. We currently have one of the 3 of us in a frame on the mantle piece. 
We are also going to get some frames for the others and have 3 hanging up around the home and the one of Blake with his Grandad is going to be a gift for my Father in law. 

Next up are some personalised Fathers Day cards for both Stuart and my Father in law. 
They are of excellent quality and the photos have come out well. Cards on Snapfish start at 75p which is a great price for personalised, high quality cards. I know that both Stuart and my Father in law are going to love them. 

Last of all is the set of 6 personalised coasters for £12.99 They are 4x4 in size and are also excellent quality like the other items. One thing that surpirsed me was that the photo I used was taken on my mobile and came out fine but images coming from my camera came up as low quality when trying to order. I do love this photo of Blake though playing at the park and love the blue skys in the background. One thing I would have liked with the coasters would be that it would be nice to have an option of not just one photo for all 6 coasters but being able to select up to 6 photos to include on them.

Have you purchased anything from Snapfish recently? 

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