Healthy Breakfast with Hi-Pro Peanut Butter

Porridge has always been my favorite Breakfast and I eat it most days (even in the summer). I was asked by the people behind the brand Hi-Pro if I would be interested in giving my diet a blast of protein with New Hi-Pro peanut butter.  I've never taken to eating peanut butter before but as I had seen recently quite a few people are including it as part of a healthy diet I decided to give it ago. So far I've only been having it mixed in with my Breakfast each day as I know nuts are only healthy in moderation. I've noticed that on their website Hi-Pro have a good range of recipes to try out using their peanut butter and I'm thinking of giving the no bake peanut butter cookies a try. 

Hi-Pro contains  33% protein per serving (25% more than most peanut butters), Their tasty range of crunchy and smooth peanut butters has been specifically created for those who train or have a keen interest in health. I've only tried the smooth one so far and really like it. 

Unlike other brands,they don’t use soy or whey to increase the protein level. All the protein is sourced from peanuts, which means you’re only putting pure forms of essential nutrition in your body and it doesn’t affect the flavour of the product. Notably, the peanut butter is vegetarian and vegan friendly and has no added salt.

Do you eat peanut butter as part of a healthy diet? If so I'd love to know some of the recipes you like to use. 

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