Terraillon Nutritab and Actvit Band

Recently I have been trying to be a bit more healthier and fitter but I have been struggling quite a bit. However I was sent two wonderful products to help me out. Terraillon is a company that sells a range of appliances such as kitchen scales, Bmi scales, blood pressure monitors and activity trackers. The my connected well-being range which I was sent two items from are products that work together with the Terraillon wellness coach app. 

I was sent the Nutitab which is  a connected, nutritional kitchen scale. The intelligent scale weighs the food and the application displays its nutritional value: calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats etc. Includes a scan function for ready meals and a recipe book, with a food database of over 3,500 food types.

The Nutritab is great quality with a premium finish and I've found that it works perfectly well with weighing all the food that I have so far. It has a big LCD screen so that you can read the information easily. NutriTab is also equipped with an anti-shock rubber ring which offer better protection to the product. Since doing slimming world back in 2013 I have always weighed out my breakfast in the morning to make sure that I had the right amount required 
for my Healthy extras. I have found this very interesting for finding out the calorie, carbohydrates etc content in what I am eating aswell . This has been helping me to eat well when it comes to my 3 meals a day however I am still struggling to cut down on chocolate and sweet things in the evening. I've yet to try the scanning function on the Nutritab as mainly we like to cook meals from scratch at home. I really love the sleek and premium looking design and it looks great on my kitchen counter.  

The other item that I was sent is the ACTIVI-T BAND which is an activity tracker. I've wanted one of these activity bands for awhile now but finding one which was compatible with the devices I own wasn't easy. This one from Terraillon works perfectly fine with my HTC phone. The Activi-t band connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth Smart and measures your activity (number of steps, distance and calories burned) and your sleep quality. The data is then automatically transmitted to My Terraillon App. There is also a Smart Alarm and OLED screen to visualize your achieved activity and clock. It is also water resistant and can be charged through a USB. 

I have found from using the Activi-t band that I am more motivated to go out for walks to get more steps in my day. I love going out with Blake for walks anyway but I needed the motivation to go out more further than to just to town and back. I've also realized that I do need more sleep and I need to start going to bed earlier which is no wonder that I'm always feeling tired recently.  I like that with the band it has two sizes  supplied so that it can adapt to the size you need. I also like the look of the band and it looks attractive on my wrist. 
The band is pretty easy to use once you know what you are doing too and I love that I don't have to worry about batteries as I can just charge it using the USB on my laptop. Although plus for me is that he is water resistant I go swimming with Blake every Saturday for his lessons so this was good to know. 

What do you think of the Terraillon products? Do you own an activity tracker? 

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