Charity Shop Haul #1

I love a good bargain and I love looking around the charity shops where I live. 
we have 8 different charity shops in our town which is great but don't tend to shop in 
all of them. I know now which ones near us tend to have the best stuff but I still look in others just less often.  Charity shops can be really hit or miss sometimes and its only 
recently that I have been able to find such bargains especially when it comes to books and toys for Blake. 

Funnybones is a book that I can vaguely remember as a child. I definitely remember it from when I worked as a Nursery Assistant. I picked this up for 99p as I thought as Blake gets a little older he would hopefully like this. I think I may actually put this back for Halloween. 

Peepo!  is a book that I have read to Blake before as we had picked it out in the library sometime last year and he enjoyed it. I forgot about it til I spotted it the charity shop again for 99p. 

TerfficTrains I picked this one up as Blake has a thing for Trains at the moment and just loves his toy train and books about them so I saw this for 99p and got it. It's meant to come with a DVD which it didn't but we aren't bothered about that.   

I have been wanting to pick up a sound book for Blake for so long this one cost me only £3 something which is great as they retail at £12.99. I had given up the idea of getting one of these books for Blake as I felt that their retail price are too much for me to spend on a book and I couldn't justify it. The Usborne Noisy Farm is such a fun sound book and Blake's loved me reading it to him and helping him press buttons so its a hit! 

Toys wise I managed to grab some great bargains and have put two away for Blake for either his birthday or Christmas as they are new in boxes. 
The Happyland post office set which retails at £15 on the ELC website I manged to get for £5.99. I am so thrilled to get this at such a great price, Blake loves his Happyland Train and I had been wanting to get him some more Happyland toys for Birthday/Christmas so I grabbed this quick when I saw it. 

The other toy which I put away for him is the  Orchard Toys Teddy Bears Picnic Puzzle which I picked up for £2.50. Blake is starting to like puzzles and doing them with our help
so when I spotted this one I thought this would be a cute addition to his puzzle collection. 
I've put it away for him since its new in its box so ideal as a present. 

The LeapFrog My Discovery House I picked up for £1.49. It works perfectly fine and when I saw it I chose to get it as Blake loves his Leapfrog Sing and Play Farm that my Nan got him for Christmas and as this very similar I knew he would love it and I am right. 

Last of all is pad which teaches the alphabet, letter sounds etc and I picked this up for £1.99. I saw this and as I am trying to get Blake to say new words I thought that this would help encourage him. 

What do you think of my bargains? Do you shop in Charity shops? 

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