Top Tips for Flying With Children

One of the most popular questions I get asked about being a Mum is whether having a child has prevented me from travelling, especially on a plane. Too many people, it seems, listen to the horror stories and assume that travelling with a child is a nightmare experience. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that flying with a child is a challenge, but in no way is it impossible or a nightmare. After speaking with other parents, I have compiled a list of ‘Top Tips’ to help parents fly with their child.

Don't Rush!
This is one the biggest mistakes made by new parents. While travelling solo or only with another adult, it’s easy to rush around the house at the last minute packing or run through the airport to the gate. However, with a child this just isn’t possible. When travelling with a baby or a toddler, the best advice I can give is to plan ahead. Make sure you have packed the night before, plan for traffic along the way, arrange your cab to arrive early. Simple planning such as this can save a lot of drama which can bring down your holiday before you have even taken off.

Be Comfortable
While there was once a time when people dressed up to fly, those days are long gone. Instead of dressing your toddler in a fashionable outfit they don’t like wearing, look at the Groupon discount codes page for Mothercare and get some comfortable and warm clothing. Loose fitting items like track pants and hoodies are not only comfortable but will keep your little ones warm on the cold plane.

Prepare Your Entertainment
A lesson that I learned quickly was to pack my own entertainment, both for my little one and me. In-flight entertainment is great...when it works. Download some cartoons or movies to your phone that your tot enjoys to keep their mind busy and prevent them becoming agitated. If you have a tablet, an interactive game can be the difference between a screaming toddler, and a quiet one. A special note for this idea - if you are going to download a game or a movie, be sure that it will work without a data connection.

Too many parents put off travelling with their family because they feel it is too difficult. And while it isn’t the easy thing, it’s just a challenge which you can easily overcome. Along with these tips, speak with other parents and be sure always to use your common sense and you will be enjoying a family holiday in no time!

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