Having fun in your garden this summer

The weather has recently started to brighten up and I'm trying to get out and about with Blake and enjoy the sunshine more. One thing I wish we had was a garden as there are so many fab things you can do in the summer from the comfort of your own back garden.
Here are a few ideas of what you can get up to:  

With Kids

- Get the swimming pool out 
- Water and sand play 
- Have fun using chalk to draw on the pavements
- Get the bubbles out
- Grab yours and the kids lunch and have a picnic outside
- Messy Play, we do messy play in our flat but its easier to clean up outside


- Get the BBQ out and enjoy dining al fresco 
- Sit in the sun and sun bathe, read a book or watch the clouds
- When the kids are asleep why not head outside and star gaze 
- Ball games for both children and adults
- Why not buy an inflatable hot tub from http://www.inflatabletubs.org.uk/ to relax in 

These are just a few great things you can get up to  in your garden this summer. 
What are your favorite things to do in the garden during the warmer months? 

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