Shopping Online and Catalogues


As a Mum shopping in store can be too much hard work when you have little ones with you. I tend to do most of my shopping online as it is much more easier and convenient. Another way of shopping is to order from catalogues as they are also convenient for busy Mum's but they also sell a wide range of products not just clothing. Why not check out catalogues247 they are there for those of you who need a particular catalogue and aren't sure which one to go for. They also  provide an overview of the different credit options which are available to you as well as which catalogues offer them. 

Another reason I love shopping online is because you can buy a large quantity of products from the comfort of your own home. I've always hated trying on clothing for example in different shops changing rooms. I can get rather claustrophobic when in the changing rooms and also find that the mirrors and lighting can make an outfit look different on you. I love being able to try clothing on in my own home where I feel comfortable but also means I can ask my husband his thoughts on my outfit and he can take photos so I can see what I look like from all angles. 

I also love shopping online for homewares, electronics and gifts. As we don't drive we are limited to what we can carry back from the shops so it makes sense if you need to buy a lot of items for gifts etc. Catalogue shopping on finance gives you the freedom to buy what you need immediately without having to wait until you have the money. This makes catalogue credit accounts ideal when high priced items such as your washing machine or dishwasher have packed up. It also comes in handy for Christmas shopping as paying monthly with a catalogue for all your kids presents eases the financial burden many people have that time of year. 

Do you prefer to shop online? Have you ever ordered from a catalogue? 
I'd love to know comment below. 

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