Breakfast Fun with Hipp Organic

Blake is extremely fussy when it comes to meals so when we got the chance to try out some of the HiPP Organic cereal range, to add some fun to breakfast time. I was hoping that Blake would at least give them a try. HiPP Organic have introduced a NEW range of flavoursome and fruity toddler breakfast cereals with no added sugar, suitable for tots aged 15 months+.

Blake was sent the two new delicious combinations HiPP Organic Fruity O's and HiPP Organic Fruity Muesli with crispy ducks. The HiPP Organic cereals are designed to offer parents variety when it comes to cereal and great alternative to cereals with a higher sugar content. HiPP Organic’s delicious cereals are made with the finest organic ingredients, providing toddlers with a healthy nutritious breakfast to start the day.

We chose to start Blake out on the HIPP Organic Fruity O's since he loves cheerios and they look a little similar just smaller. The first time we tried him on them he didn't want to know but we tried again and he ate all ones apart from the red ones which he pushed to the side. 

We then tried him out on the HiPP Organic fruity muesli which is packed with real dried fruit pieces, fun crispy cereal shapes and wholemeal flakes. It's a great cereal for helping parents to encourage new flavors and textures. Unfortunately with Blake being fussy every attempt has resulted with the cereal ending up on the floor. I can only assume he wasn't keen on these as he did have one tiny mouthful. 

Overall I feel that the new range are great for toddlers to give them more of a variety at breakfast time. We really like that the cereals are made with the finest organic ingredients with no added sugar. We also love that they have a good range of flavors and textures for toddlers to enjoy. 

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