Things to do in summer

As the sun has finally arrived and the summer holidays are fast approaching you may need some ideas of what to get up to. The local classes we usually go to have stopped for 6/7 weeks so we will be finding other fun things to do. Some ideas are also great for when the weather isn't so great. 

Here is a list to help you out when your a bit stuck with what to do: 

- Go to some local parks
- Go for a walk
- Go to the beach 
- Make some crafts
- Go swimming
- Visit the Zoo 
- Play in the garden (if your lucky enough to have one)
- Read books
- Play in the paddling pool
- Bake a cake
- Spend the day watching films
- Do a nature trail 
- Go for a walk in the woods 
- Go for a walk around a lake
- Go strawberry picking
- Make a den 
- Visit a farm 
- Have a BBQ
- Visit the library 
- Have a picnic
- Visit a museum 
- Go camping
- Feed the ducks
- Go to an aquarium 
- Go to the fair
- Go to the cinema
- Go to a local soft play center 
- Feed the ducks
- Go bowling
- Go for a bike ride
- Visit a water park
- Go to a National Trust site
-Blow bubbles
- Messy Play

I hope this post has been helpful to you and have given you some ideas for the summer holidays. I'm going to try and do as many of these as possible to make most of the summer. 

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