Digital Download film favorites this summer

Summer is the perfect time to relax, many people go away this time of year and if you just want to relax and have some entertainment when your travelling or by the pool than why not consider digital downloads. This way you have got your favorite films at your finger tips. 

If you love sun bathing whether on the beach or by the pool but aren't into reading why not soak up some rays and enjoy some of these fab film favorites: 

-Heart of the Sea
- 33
- Pan
- Intern 
- Lego Movie

You can also have movies such as Lego movie to keep your children entertained as who wants to hear "I'm bored" when your relaxing or getting stuck into a good book. Digital downloads are also great for when your relaxing once your little one is down for a nap or they are tucked up fast asleep for the night so your unable to go out. 

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