Parenting Health and Safety Rules

Wherever you work it is important to look up and know about the health and safety rules in regards to your job. If an accident were to happen and you didn't follow procedures you could be in trouble. If you are a manager or supervisor you could be in trouble if members of staff are unaware of important procedures.  NEBOSH Certificate Courses are ideal for anyone wanting to gain a strong knowledge in occupational health & safety practice. It is a must for anyone working as Managers, supervisors and employee representatives. 

When it comes to parenting it can be pretty hard work and it can sometimes feel as you need some health and safety rules. 

As a parent I have come across some funny parenting health and safety rules which I wanted to share with you: 

- When testing baby's bottle put a small amount on your wrist. Swigging from the bottle isn't recommended. 
- When keeping your baby in a safe place a cage is probably not a wise idea
- When introducing baby to pets it's recommended not to put them in the goldfish tank
- When doing laundry remove child before washing
- Bathing baby means not using a hose 
- When drying your child's clothing remember to take them out before you hang on the line
or put in the tumble dryer. 
- Make sure you have a bottle of wine nearby for poop explosions (for you not baby) 
- When playing a game of throwing and catching with baby, remember to throw a ball, not baby.
- When potty training remember that potty belongs on the bum not on the head (especially when full)
- When disciplining make sure that you put your child in time out not yourself.
-When putting up the buggy do not break your ribs (my husband actually did this) 
- Changing mats are not boogie boards

Have you come across any funny parenting health and safety rules?

* This is a collaborative post 

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