September Aldi Baby and Toddler Event

Thursday 22nd of September is the start of Aldi's baby and toddler event. I love this event as you can always get some fab bargains for your little one from toys to nappies. 

Since having Blake I have always checked out the event and managed to get things such as washing powder in bulk and they also sell Bambino Miosolo cloth nappies in prints that are only sold in Aldi and are limited stock. 

When Aldi said they would send me a few bits one of the items one I chose was this pale blue fitted sheet. Blake was in the need of an extra fitted sheet for his cot bed and Aldi always do well for things like this in the event. I really love the pale blue which will match his room perfectly. 

The other item is a new bath toy by Nuby. Blake loves having a bath and was in the need of some new bath toys to keep him more entertained. You fill up the stack with water at the top and you can see all the bits inside spin around and the bit at the bottom sprinkles all the water out.

Do you love the Aldi baby and toddler event? Will you be checking the event out on Thursday?

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