Reasons I love autumn

I love autumn and winter, this time of year is my favorite I get to start wearing jumpers and boots and get to wear leggings or tights with dresses. 

Here are some of the reason's I love the Autumn months: 

Leaves changing color
The leaves look so pretty with browns, oranges and golden colors and I love walking through the leaves that have fallen from the trees.

I love going for walks more in the autumn there is nothing better than being wrapped up warm and being in the cool air. 

Autumn/winter food
Stews, casseroles, soups, porridge with apple and cinnamon, I could go on. 

Autumn scented candles
I have started to light up my autumn wreath candle and love autumn scents like these that make me feel happy this time of year. 

Wrapping up warm
I love to wear extra layers, snuggly jumpers and also when i'm in doors using my thermal blanket to keep warm. 

Stay indoors
As well as spending time outside I love staying at home and snuggling up with my husband watching TV and feeling all cosy. 

Hot drinks
I love enjoying a steaming mug of hot chocolate, warm mulled wine, autumn themed coffees etc. 

Autumn activities
I can't wait to start doing activities with Blake such as looking for conkers and pine cones, collecting leaves for art work. I'll be compiling an autumn bucket list to share with you soon of what we plan to get up to. 

I was only into Halloween as a child and as i got older never really enjoyed it much.
Now I have Blake I'm looking forward to dressing him up and doing Halloween activities with him. 

Bonfire night
We will be missing it this year as we will be in Cape Verde but I love bonfire night and enjoy watching fireworks from the safety of our home. 

Is Autumn your favorite season? What do you love most about Autumn? 

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