Blake's Christmas Eve basket 2016

This is our second year that we have chosen to do a Christmas Eve basket for Blake. I love the tradition of doing these baskets and we also do one for Easter but Christmas Eve ones have to be my favorite ones to do. 

So here are some of the fab items that Blake has in his basket this year: 

  • Peppa's Christmas DVD - We put a new DVD in this year, I picked this up from our local Morrison's for £3. By adding a new Christmas DVD we can build our Christmas movie collection. 

  •  The night before Christmas book - This is a book we will have in the basket year after year
  • Treats for Santa and Rudolph plate - Another item we include in the basket every year.
  • Cadbury festive friends biscuits - Blake doesn't really eat chocolate but he does love little chocolate biscuits like these so its a lovely little treat for him.
  • Reindeer food - This is another item we include every year to sprinkle out the back on Christmas Eve. 
  • Magic Key - As we live in a flat and have an electric fire place we love the idea of a magic key so that Santa can get in to deliver our presents
  • Magnetic drawing board - I picked this up in Poundland  as a little extra something for him to have. 
  • Santa and Rudoph Itty Bittys - These mini plush toys from Hallmark are adorable and a fab cute addition to the basket for Blake to play with. They do a range of different themed ones and so make a great collectors item.
  • Bath Crayons - I also picked these up in Poundland as a little bit of fun at bath time on Christmas Eve.
  • Ickle babybot bath bomb -  This lavender scented bath bomb I picked up from Lush is a perfect bath time treat on Christmas Eve. Here's to hoping it works at sending Blake off to sleep sooner. 
  • Cosy PJs (Not pictured) - Im including a pair of Pjs (currently in the wash) for Blake to keep cosy and warm in. 

Do you do a Christmas Eve basket? I'd love to know what things you like to include so please let me know below. 

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