Our Christmas plans

With Christmas being only 4 days away I wanted to share with you our plans for Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day. 

So Christmas eve this year falls on a Saturday which means that Stuart wont be at work. It also works out that because he has booked time off work and there are the bank holidays he wont be going back to work until 3rd January.  

Last year on Christmas eve I was unfortunate to have caught a bug which meant that most of the day I was too ill to do much. This year I am hoping to make up for it hopefully we wont catch any nasty bugs. The plan is to have a lovely relaxed Christmas eve day, give Blake his Christmas eve basket and watch Christmas films. We are also planning to take Blake to messy church which is from late afternoon to early evening. Before Blake goes to bed we will sprinkle some reindeer food out the back, hang up Santa's magic key, put out a snack and drink for Santa and carrot for the reindeer. We will then give Blake a bath and read him the night before Christmas before putting him to bed. 

Christmas day is going to be the 3 of us opening presents, eating lovely food and relaxing, playing with Blake, going for a walk and just have a lovely family day. I need to plan what we will have for breakfast but dinner we are going for the usual Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

Boxing day is going to be spent over at Stuart's Mum's and her partners which will be another lovely family day. 

What are your plans for Christmas this year? 

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