The Ordinary Moments - Me time

This week I have been focusing on me time once Blake is down for a nap or in bed. I have made sure that I am using my me time doing something I love rather than just scrolling through facebook or instagram. 

So here are a few ordinary moments that I have been enjoying for me time this week:

Reading a book and drinking coffee
One of my favorite hobbies is reading and this week I've spent time reading Hurrah For Gin, which i have now finished and enjoying a good mug of coffee (gingerbread latte). 

I've been making time to just enjoy laying back in the bath and using a lush bath bomb has been a bonus. 

Calm app and book 
I've made time this week to use the calm app and read a few pages of the calm book to help with my anxiety levels when I felt over whelmed

I've started enjoying doing a bit of mindfulness coloring and have been really enjoying it

Another guilty habit is Netflix and I have just finished watching Vampire Dairies so need to find something new for me to watch. 

Glass of wine and chocolate
Just being able to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine and a bar of chocolate once Blake is bed have been bliss. 

What are your favorite me time moments?

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