Saving money during January

January tends to be one of the toughest months financially because of paying back Christmas. January is the perfect time to start looking at your finances and finding ways to cut back and ways to save money when you do need to spend. 

Here are some ideas of what you can do to start doing today to help you start saving: 

- Start the year with a  fresh budget

- Change Banks
This is something I am considering doing as some banks have cash/voucher intensives to change to them. It is all dependent on what you are able to put in each month so this is something you will have to consider. 

- Get into couponing
One of the things I started doing to the end of last year was to start using coupons and using places such as to find promo codes so that when I do need to buy something I am able to get it at a discount. 

- Switch energy suppliers
Again this is something we are looking into in hope of cutting down our bill. 

- Clear out clutter and sell online
The new year always makes me want to be more organised so I have a good clear out and try and sell any good quality products that I no longer use. 

- Set up a direct debt to savings
This is something I am starting to do you can start off small (£5 a week is what I am doing) 

-Ditch memberships you don't need

- Get Cashback 
My current bank offers cashback in certain stores but as of last year I've started when shopping online using Quidco. 

- Cut down on takeaways

- Meal plan
This is a great way to make sure food doesn't go to waste and you use up what is in your cupboards and freezer. 

- Buy second hand 
If you really need something see if you can buy it second hand or see if a friend or family member are getting rid of an item you are looking for. 

- Borrow books and films from the library.
I love reading and I did spend some of my Christmas vouchers on new books but a cheaper way is to borrow books and films from your local library. 

- Have a no spend weekend/month 
This is something I plan to have a go at some point this year. 

- Find free things to do 
Go to the park or for walks, do craft activities try and find some fun things to do that wont cost a thing or are cheap to do.

- Do the 365 day money challenge 
You can find many posts about this on Pinterest

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