The Ordinary Moments #1 Goals and getting back to reality

This year I have decided to join in with Katie from MummyDaddyMe's The Ordinary Moments linky. It's the second linky I have decided to join in with and it's all about the ordinary moments in life. 

This week for me was all about getting back to reality and getting some sense of normality back after Christmas and New Year.  There is something about the new year that gets me all motivated and so I did a post on some of my goals for 2017 to give me something to focus on. I've been trying to get back into our routine which has proven tricky for me as Blake has been extra clingy since Stuart has been back to work after a week off. 

I have found myself organising things in our flat and trying to come up with better storage solutions. I've managed to get rid of some clutter which i have sent to local charity shops which makes me feel loads better. This week also has seen us take one side of the bars off Blake's cot bed which seems to be going well he's currently fast asleep at the moment which will be his second night. 

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