Caring for elderly relatives: Is respite care the way to go?

As we all get older we start thinking about our elderly family members and how they are coping. There may come a time when your parents or other elderly family members aren't fully ready to go into a care home full time and respite care might be the answer. 

Respite care is a planned or emergency short-term stay in a care home.  Care homes offer a wide range of alternative approaches to respite care dependent on the type they specialise in. 

Respite care can be beneficial for both carers and the people being cared for. For carers it can give them a chance for a little break as being a carer can be although rewarding, tough too. For the person being cared for respite care can give them a chance of being in a different environment, being able to make friends and take part in activities that care homes offer. 

You can find out more about respite care in Barchester's handy guide where you can find out about assessments, financial support and what to do once you have decided respite care is the way to go. 

When it  comes to choosing a care home here are some of the things you that you need to bear in mind:
 - The quality of the care
 - The cost 
 - The range of activities that are provided
 - The quality of the food and drink
 - The quality of the environment, gardens and general surroundings
 - How the home is managed
 - The location and accessibility of the home for anyone who might visit
during their stay. 

Not all care homes offer respite care and it's always best to visit a few places first to get an idea of the place and bringing another person with you can also give you another opinion. 

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