The Night Watch, Apple Crumble and Chinese #LittleLoves


I've recently decided to join in with the #littleloves linky that is run by Morgana of coffeeworksleeprepeat. I thought it would another linky that would be great for documenting more of what we get up to. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posst and giving me some more inspiration. 

I've always loved reading but since having Blake I've not read as often as I would like. One of my goals for 2017 is to read more and try to read at least 12 books. This week I've been reading my 3rd book of the year "The Night Watch" By Sarah Waters. I've read one of her books before so when I spotted this one in my local library I had to pick it up and see what it's all about. Its not as fast paced as I like books to be but I am enjoying it. 

This week I've not really watched much to be honest as I have used most of my spare time reading. I have however watched a few youtube video's by Channel Mum. 

 I don't usually listen to the radio or anything like that but I came across 3 songs I love this week on Spotify: Shape by  Ed sheering, Don't Wanna Know by Maroon 5 feat. Kendrick Lamar and September song by JP Cooper. 

This week I've made Apple Crumble. I must admit we cheat and use a crumble mix to save time but it was delicious and we've not had apple crumble for awhile.

This week I've tried out a new  (to me) moisturiser by Soap and Glory called Speed Plump. My skin is very dry so I need a moisturiser that will hydrate my skin well and I like to try different ones in the hope of finding my perfect one.

This week I've loved just having relaxed days at home as a family. We ordered a chinese the other night as I really fancied one and hadn't had one for awhile. We have also been out for coffee and just had a lovely time playing with Blake. 

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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  1. I like this idea of using the subheadings for your post. You apple crumble looks delicious. It's making me want some with custard right now!

  2. That chinese looks amazing - I'm on a diet so I'm practically dribbling right now! As does your crumble, I haven't had one for ages. I've just bought a load of new skincare stuff as my dry skin was driving me mad and was about time I started looking after it again. Didn't think of Soap & Glory, so may have to give them a go next time. Hope you're having a fab weekend! #littleloves

  3. What a lovely linky idea! I may have to look into this :) And well done for reading 3 books this year - I would love to finish the one I started last November!! xx

  4. Oh it feels like forever since I have ate Chinese food. Looks delicious. I have been trying to read a lot more too. Just wish I had more time to read. lol Always the case. Apple crumble sounds yummy. Hope you had a great weekend. #littleloves

  5. Soap and Glory and a Chinese - two of my favourite things. Is it wrong to be craving some Chinese food first thing on a Monday after looing at your photo?

  6. I love apple crumble! I don't make it very often as I could quite easier eat a whole tray of it to myself!
    Lovely to have you joining in with Little Loves xx