Easy accessible medication for infants

Since having Blake I've been more aware on how to access medication in case Blake is poorly. Supermarkets and shops such as Wilko and Superdrug that may not have a pharmacy have a selection of medication for babies and children making it easily accessible for parents, grandparents or guardians. 

Of course if your child is seriously poorly than you must go and see a GP or go to A&E. Pharmacy2u are a great online pharmacy if you do require repate medication as they arrange free delivery to your door. 

 However I've found it really handy for some medications to be more easily accessible which is brilliant as long as you make sure you read the instructions properly. 

Some of the medicine I've had to purchase for Blake without going to a GP are:

Teething products
When Blake was teething we managed to get a wide range of different products to try out and see what worked for him. You can get many things such as gels, liquids and teething granules from different brands.

You can purchase pain killers to help when your child is teething and/or got a temperature.
The main ones we have used are Calpol and Nurofen but you can purchase many other brands. 

We started Blake on vitamins when he turned one and went from formula to full fat cows milk. Vitamins are important from that age when they move on to cows milk as there aren't as many vitamins in it as there are in formula and breast milk. 

Colic relief
At one point when Blake was newborn it was thought that he may have had colic and so finding medicines for that such as Infacol was a great help when we didn't have to find a pharmacy to get hold of some. 

Cold remedies
When Blake has had a cold we have also managed to get hold of decongestant oils, vapour rub and even saline nasal sprays to help him out. He had quite a few colds within his first year so it was very helpful. 

Nap rash creams
Nap rash is something that happens so being able to purchase a wide range of creams to see what works best on your child and being easy accessible is a must. 


Cradle Cap

Some babies get cradle cap which is the greasy, yellow scaly patches that sometimes appear on the scalps of young babies. Blake had only a small amount and we never used anything on it for him. However you can purchase a scalp oil if you wish. 

When purchasing medication for children please make sure you read the instructions and use them correctly.

*This is a collaborative post

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