A quick and easy way to give your child's room a makeover

When it comes to kid's bedrooms their likes and dislikes are always changing and so when it comes to Blake's room we wanted to make it so that it would grow with him and also easy to change. 

That's when the idea of using kids wall stickers came to me as you can get a wide range of designs that are affordable so there is no need to break the bank when it comes to changing the look of your child's bedroom. 

I remember when both my sister and I were little and were always wanting to change our bedroom. I think wall stickers and decals would have been so handy to have. I remember on one occasion my sister wanted the playboy bunny logo on her wall so my Mum spent awhile painting them on for her and adding diamantes. How easier for her it would have been for her if she had got wall stickers or decals instead.  

When it comes to Blake's room in the future I definitely think that wall stickers are going to be the way to go. I'll also use them with any other further children that we may have. Not only will this save us time and money but with renting it wont be a problem either as they just peel off. 

Tenstickers have a  huge selection of children´s wall stickers include animals, vehicles, fairies, funny monsters, height charts and more. All decals are made from high quality vinyl.  You can even design your own and include your child's name on some of them too.

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