Sleep and sound: How it helps or disturbs us

Sleep as a parent is a topic that everyone talks about. "Is your child a good sleeper" is the question I get asked a lot, luckily for us the answer is yes. 

When it comes to a good nights sleep one of the main things for all of us is a good mattress you can buy a mattress online these days with next day delivery so you no longer have to pop into a store to find the one for you, if you know what you are looking for. 

The other main thing when it comes to a good nights sleep is sound as it effects different people. Some can only fall asleep when they having gentle music in the background for example and others are better in silence. 

So how does sleep and sound affect the three of us: 

Blake has been a very good sleeper since he was 6 weeks old, he started sleeping through the night. I believe that this is due to the routine that we do with him which includes a slumber buddy with lights that plays soft gentle music. We use to have the music setting on as he slept well with it but now it tends to disturb him so we have stopped using that feature. One of the things that surprises me is that although he wont sleep with music on in his room he will happily sleep with the washing machine noise on in the background. 

I am a light sleeper and find that sounds affect me more than they do with Stuart. If Blake starts stirring I can hear him over the monitor which keeps me up and if on the rare occasion he does wake and get upset I am up quick as anything to sooth him. I also find that as I am a light sleeper that I take ages to drop off to sleep which isn't good when Stuart falls asleep pretty easily and starts snoring which then means I am either unable to sleep at all or it takes even longer for me to drop off. I am definitely one that prefers to sleep in silence. 

Stuart is the opposite of me and is a heavy sleeper and will fall asleep pretty quickly when there is no noise in the background. However once he is asleep it is very hard to wake him and if Blake is up 9 times out of 10 he won't know about it as he sleeps through it. In fact he would probably sleep through anything sound wise but once the light is on he will wake up. 

How does sound affect you in regards to sleep? Are you a heavy or light sleeper? 

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