Thomas and Friends Day to Night Projector

Blake moved from his cot into sleeping in his big boy bed last month and to begin with he was doing fine. However, recently he has started climbing out of bed and wanting to be playing with his toys. When I was asked about trying out the Thomas and Friends day to night projector I thought it would be a good idea as a way of trying to keep him in bed. 

When we received the Thomas and friends day to night projector Blake was eager to get it out the box. It is a lovely interactive toy as well as a handy projector for night time. Blake has always had a projector in his room at night and now upgrading him to this sweet Thomas and Tidmouth shed projector is perfect for night time with a calming glow featuring stars and the Thomas signature number 1 to help sooth him to sleep.

Start the day with a cheerful morning song and sounds. During play time, Blake was rolling Thomas through the shed to hear chugging sounds. The Tidmouth shed also produces different sounds, phrases and music as your little one plays. Blake has loved putting Thomas in and out of the shed as well as pushing him around on the floor and even carrying him around where ever he goes. The toy is sturdy which is needed when you have a hard handed toddler who loves throwing it around. The train is a great size for little hands to hold onto and it easy to move Thomas about. 

Turning the projector from day to night mode is pretty simple by sliding the switch. This then provides you with a sweet goodnight lullaby once Thomas has been tucked away in his shed. Stars and moon shapes will be projected along with Thomas's face and his signature number 1 through the roof of the shed. 

Overall Blake has loved playing with Thomas and although the projector hasn't made a difference yet in keeping him in bed it is a fun toy to help distinguish between day and night. 
We love the day to night projector and see it as a great learning tool and will have lots of fun with play. 

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