Organise small spaces with Sugru

When living in a small home sometimes it can be pretty difficult to find space for some of your belongings. We live in a small 2 bed room flat and I must say we have outgrown it and ideally we need a much bigger place to live. 

When asked if I was interested in trying out the Sugru kit that is ideal for organising small spaces I jumped at the chance. 

First of all what is Sugru?

Sugru is a glue that sticks permanently to lots of stuff like ceramics, glass, metal, wood, and most plastics and fabrics. Just push it onto something, then it’s time to build, seal, fix, create and stick things together. You’ll have 30 minutes to get the job done.Give it 24 hours, and Sugru turns into a durable, flexible silicone rubber that stays stuck (unless you remove it)

There are so many fun and useful ways of what you can use Sugru for. Our first idea was to use it to fix a hook to Blake's bedroom wall so that we could put his blind cords out of reach. But I am looking forward to start using it in other areas of our home and life. 
When using Sugru it's very easy to use and takes no time at all to get the job you want doing done.

Here are some of the fun things you can try out:

- Reparing cables
- Organising Cables
- Making Hooks
-Making a hair dryer holster 
- Adding bathroom accessories without drilling
- Sticking Magnets under shelves
- Fixing toys 
- Hanging up photos etc to make a feature wall.

The ideas are really endless and you can find more ideas here

What you need to know:

- Make sure that when using Sugru surfaces are clean and dry. Each packet also has a use by date. 

- After use make sure you wash your hands with soapy water.

- It's fun to use but not a toy so keep out of reach from little hands. 

- Its not food safe so please keep away from food and drinking water

- Storing Sugru in the fridge or freezer can multiply the number of months left to use it. 

- Don't use to hang heavy objects 

- Sugru can be removed so make sure you follow the instructions correctly to prevent damage.

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