Kaercher SC3 Steam Cleaner #Review

Cleaning when you have a toddler making a mess in the other room can be rather tricky. Even though I have a cleaning kit and enjoy doing the spring clean in general I hate doing the chores and find them so mundane and boring. 

We have used a steam cleaner in the past and loved it, however our new steamer the Kaercher SC3 is on another level. The Kaercher SC3  is a 100% chemical free tool with no scrubbing necessary with outstanding results each time we have used it, its now an essential cleaning tool in our home. 

We first tested out the Kaercher SC3  when cleaning our kitchen and were so impressed with the results. Our stove top was looking less than satisfactory before hand but after one use it was clean and shiny like it should be. One of the reasons why I had put off cleaning it was that the products that I used in the past made the job take much longer and with a lot more effort. 

Our next job was using the steamer to clean our floors. The Kaercher SC3 can be used on nearly all hard surfaces but not carpets which is the only downside. However the only carpets in our home are in the bedrooms so definitely not too much of an issue. 

Our kitchen is the worst in our home as it gets dirty so quickly and so I was glad to find that the Kaercher SC3 removes stains quickly and effectively on all the hard floors in our home which was a relief when it comes to the kitchen. 

One of the rooms I was looking forward to testing the Kaercher SC3 was the bathroom. I hate cleaning our white bathroom tiles and I find that we get mould in there often and am constantly having to use a mould spray which I don't like as its full of chemicals. 


As you can see in the before photo the tiles were starting to go a little black due to mould and mildew and usually I would use a tooth brush to clean it which would take me a good while of scrubbing. As you can see in the after photo our tiles are now white and clean this is with just one use with the Kaercher SC3. 

When cleaning the bathroom I noticed that our shower head was starting to go a bit yucky. 
Now I clean it regularly by wrapping the shower head in a sandwich bag with white vinegar tied with an elastic band. This does work really well when left for a good few hours however you as you can see in the photos below the Kaercher SC3  cleans it so well without having to wait. 



Overall the Kaercher SC3 helps us to get the job done on a much more quicker level and of a more higher standard. The Kaercher SC3 is also really light weight, small in size so easy to store as well as being simple to use. 


- Childproof safety lock 
- Safety valve
- Steam flow regulation, on handle
- Integrated funnel 
- Floor cleaning kit, Comfort + 2 x 0.5 m extension tubes
- Equipment, Manual nozzle, detail nozzle, round brush
- Terry floor cloth
- Terry cloth cover for hand tool
- Descaler cartridge
- parking position
- Steam hose with gun 
- Detail nozzle
- Hand tool
- Round brush
- Integrated on/off switch 
- 2 x 0.5 m extension tubes

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