My Cleaning kit

With the other day being the first day of spring for me I like to start giving our home a good spring clean. I wanted to share with you today my cleaning kit of the cleaning products and tools I like to use around the home. It's also important to make sure you aren't making these 6 bad cleaning habits.

Now you may not want/need all of the items I use. You may want to or you may want to use some of them or different products altogether its really up to you. 

Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning products I am not brand loyal and tend to use whatever is on offer. I've even started to like the idea of making my own to save us even more money but I think that calls for a separate post.

Below are some of the products I use: 

Multipurpose cleaner
This is a must in my cleaning kit as you can use it on a wide range of different surfaces and doesn't have to be used in one set room like some products are. The current two I am currently using are Amway multipurpose cleaner and the Method multipurpose surface cleaner.  

Oven cleaner
Cleaning the oven is one of the jobs I hate the most.  So having a good cleaner to help me out is a must. Again the Amway one is the one I'm currently using but I have used various other brands too.  

Cleaning wipes
Cleaning wipes are so handy to have around the home but also for when you are going away they are great for packing away in your bag. Amway do a handy box of x4 packs of 24 wipes. I also like the ones from Aldi which you can get in lemon and apple scents. 

Washing up liquid and hand wash
I use the ones from Method at current. I'm really loving the brand and the fact that they have no chemical nasties and they don't test on animals. Currently they are collaborating with ink evangelist, Johanna Basford on a beautiful new limited-edition range. Designed to bring colour to your home and a smile to your nose, the new Hummingbird Garden collection is perfect. 

Toilet cleaners
The main brands I use a Harpic and most recently ACE who now do toilet cleaning gels as well as their stain removers for keeping your clothes clean and stain free.

Magic Sponge Eraser 
These are so handy to have in my cleaning kit as its great at cleaning walls especially if you have a toddler who gets crayon happy around the home. I just picked up a pack from my local Poundland however I am sure most places sell them. 

I use to store all my cleaning products randomly under the sink. However in my attempt to be more organised I picked up this cleaning caddy in Aldi for £3.99 which is what I store the majority of my cleaning products and a few tools in. This means that I have everything I need and all I have to do is grab and go. 

Having a good selection of cleaning tools is a must and I have a wide varity that I like to use. Some may not been essential as you may just need a bit elbow grease however I think they are all amazing products which I fully recommend. 

I like to have a good selection of cloths to hand. I always have a selection of Microfiber ones which I picked up from Poundland and are in lovely bright colors. I also have a selection of multipurpose cloths from both Poundland and Bizzy bee. When I am done using cloths all i have to do is throw them into the washing machine. 

Gloves when cleaning are ideal for protecting your hands and Bizzy Bee have a whole range of different ones.

Bit of a random one but I like to use an old toothbrush in my kit so that I can get into the smaller areas that are in need of a good scrub. 

I've recently started using a squeegee and use this one from OXO. It's now an essential tool for cleaning the glass door of our shower. It's great at removing excess water to prevent mold and water marks. 

Extendable tub and tile scrubber
Again from OXO this extendable tub and tile scrubber is ideal for getting into corners as well as around the toilet and areas that I find hard to reach, It extends  from 66cm to 106cm meaning if  I need to reach the ceiling I can do very simply. 

A good hoover is a must and we have the Dyson DC40 which we purchased just over a year ago now.  We have used other brands and have found them to not last long and are nowhere near as good. It's the same one Appliance Hunter talk about in his guide to upright vacuums. A good hoover is a must and we have the Dyson DC40 which we purchased just over a year ago now.

Mini Vac
The Kobold VC100 is a handheld vacuum cleaner that weighs the same as two cans of Coke. It's easy to handle and recharge, it's also compact too so you don't have to be worried about space. This vacuum has been a god send for us for cleaning up after Blake has eaten or when we just need to hoover a small area. I never thought I'd need a mini vac before but for me it really is worthwhile having. 

The Karcher SC3 Is a steamer with a refillable water tank that provides the option for non-stop steam to give you a continuous deep clean. This model also features an innovative flow heater system, meaning steam can be generated in just 30 seconds. The SC3 also features accessories such as the ergonomically designed floor nozzle and the “round brush” attachment, capable of cleaning intricate areas and perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. I am in love with this steamer although we had it very briefly it works so much better than our previous steamer as well as being easy to use. 

So there you have it my cleaning kit which features the cleaning products and tools I like to use.  Whats in your cleaning kit? Will you be doing a deep spring clean soon?