The Ordinary Moments - Beauty & the Beast, movie days and & appointments

This week has rather been a busy one with quite a few bits going on for us. 
The week began with Blake going for a hearing test Monday afternoon which he passed and is now discharged from. Blake at current has a bit of a speech delay and so they wanted to rule out any hearing issues especially with myself being hard of hearing and my mother being deaf too. 

Blake also had his 27 month review with our health visitor this week. He is still slightly behind on a few things but has improved too. She thinks that he will benefit with starting pre-school which we need to look more into as we believe he wont be entitled to free funding until he is 3 so need to look into it a bit more to see if it something we can afford to do ourselves. 

Pretending to drive a car

Yesterday we headed to Milton Keynes where Stuart and I went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast film. I really enjoyed myself even though Stuart ate most of the popcorn. 
Blake got to spend time with his Nanny (my mum), auntie (my sister) and uncle whilst we saw the film and popped in a few shops before the film was due to start. 

This afternoon we are going to have a rather relaxed one watching films together. 
The other day I picked up both The secret life of pets and Zootropolis from the library for us to watch so that is the plan for our afternoon. 

The Ordinary Moments

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