Blake's Easter Basket

It's that time of year where I share with you what I have put in Blake's Easter basket. I've done one every year so far you can see his first one here which I did for him when he was three and a half months old and his second one when he was 16 months old is here.

I love putting these baskets together and choosing bits that are perfect for him. The basket I picked up is from poundland and they have such a fab selection this year of bits and bobs.
The basket is a great size and good quality too.  

I picked up two twirly woos books when I was in The Works the other day. He loves twirly woos and the books were only £2 each so i thought they would be great to have in his basket. 

The Easter story book and the bunny in a carrot are both items that he had in his basket last year and so I've reused again. I picked up some markers from tiger for £1 which are a great size. The plastic eggs come from a pack from poundland which were for of course £1 and I'm going to put some chocolate buttons in. 

I saw the ribbon streamer and hook and ducks in poundland too. The ribbon streamer will be great for using this summer when running around the park and the hook and duck set I'm planning to use with him for water play.  Last of all is a 4 pack of dinosaur figures also from poundland.

I also plan to pick up a small Easter egg for him other than that the basket is finished and good to go. 

Have you done an Easter basket this year?

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