Dealing With The Terrible Two's

Looking at the cute and cheeky little face of Blake you wouldn't believe how bad Blake's tantrums have been recently. Since he was about 18 months Blake has had the start of the "Terrible Two's" and since then they have gradually got much worse. 

In front of others Blake is the dream child he has no tantrums, very rarely cries or hits. In fact he is rather shy and very clingy towards me when we go to groups and takes awhile for him to join in. 

At home is a different kettle of fish he is stroppy, demanding and from time to time I describe him when talking to Stuart as a little brat. He will start throwing objects, once he is told not to, we get the hitting his head on the wall followed by the laying on the floor kicking and screaming. When he is asked not to do something or wants something and we don't understand him we will get the smacking, headbutting, crying, screaming. 

He's starting testing his boundaries too, just the other day I was asking him not to eat with his feet up on the table which resulted in the smacking me around the face and finding it hilarious. We are starting to have to give him consequences to his actions and I think we are going to have to start using the thinking corner. 

On the flip side he is loving be praised for doing something good such as putting himself down for a nap, listening to us for example I asked him to shut the bathroom door the other day and he did it so we clapped and told him well done for listening. 

Other behavior we are dealing with at the moment is the refusal to nap and to stay in bed at night. We have had to pick him up and put him back into bed so many times kicking and screaming however we are lucky that this hasn't happened every night.  He does know he needs to stay in bed he just doesn't want to. 

He will also throw strops when it comes to not having the same foods every day and trying to get him to try something different. This then results in being woken at silly o clock as he is hungry.The joys of a fussy eater!

Blake is behind in his speech and so its tough when it comes to also understanding him as he gets so frustrated at not being able to communicate what he wants.

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