The Ordinary Moments - Easter hunts, baking and visiting family

This weeks been a good one with the lead up to Easter weekend we have done quite a bit actually this week compared to recently. 

One of the things we did this week was an Easter hunt although I wasn't impressed with it. Blake enjoyed himself going round finding the clues whilst on Stuart's shoulders. The hunt was finding clues dotted around and at the end you got a small plastic egg with a small pack of Haribo. The whole thing wasn't that organised well either which was a shame really as it could have been good. 

This week thanks to Pat a Cake books we got sent a bundle so we got read to Blake, plant a spring flower and bake some yummy Easter cupcakes topped with mini eggs. Although they don't look that exciting they were delicious. 

On good Friday Blake and I visited my sister and her boyfriend over in Northampton. They have been living in their place 9 months now its only been the first time we had got around to visiting. They have such a lovely house and Blake once he had calmed down from being in a different environment enjoyed himself. 

Last of all on Easter Sunday we spent lunch time around Stuart's family for a lovely Easter Sunday dinner. Followed by popping into the care home where Stuart's Dad lives. Blake loved having cuddles with Grandad and running around outside being cheeky.