Healthy Meals with Hello Fresh

It's easy to get into a rut when it comes to planning our meals and going for the same things week in, week out. This has meant that it has taken out the enjoyment of meal times for us as we are getting bored of using the same recipes. So when I was given the option of trying out a Hello Fresh box I jumped at the chance of trying some new and exciting meals. We've not used a food delivery subscription until now. 

After checking their website I decided the classic box was ideal for us. Hello Fresh offer 3 different boxes - classic, veggie or family.  I chose the classic box with Blake being a fussy eater I felt that if we did go for a family box there would be quite a bit of waste. 

With Hello Fresh the idea is that it makes meal times much easier with no meal planning or grocery shopping.  This also means trying out new recipes to get you out of that rut knowing they will nutritious and delicious. 

When our box arrived we were surprised at how much you get in the box. The box had all of the fresh produce in separate bags with the name of the recipe on so you don't have to go routing through the box for the correct ingredients for each recipe. There is also a separate bag for chilled items which is kept cool so you can pop them straight in your fridge as soon as you can. 

Stuart is the cook in our little family and so that very evening we decided to try out one of the recipes. We went for the Asian Chicken with Stir-fried kale and coconut. Stuart followed the recipe word for word. The recipe was easy for him to follow and smelled delicious. It was soon cooked, plated up and than devoured. The portion sizes are ample, in fact we were stuffed afterwards. 

This was also the same with the other two meals we had as well. When ordering you have a choice of choosing to go for three meals or five meals and can choose them to be for either 2, 3 or 4 people.  Our second meal was Gnocchi Bolognese with cheesy Broccoli. As a fan of the family favourite of the classic it was lovely to try a new twist with it. We have probably had gnocchi once in the 8 years Stuart and I have been together as he isn't usually a fan of it however was willing to give this recipe a try. With the gnocchi being fried it tasted delicious and we both agreed that we will have gnocchi more often if cooked in the same way. We also liked that the broccoli was both roasted and grilled which is a way we never thought to cook broccoli before. 

Last of all was Balsamic steak with red cabbage and potato wedges. We love a good steak and chips and so were looking forward to the twist with this recipe. The recipe means for the steak to be super rare however no matter how you like your steak cooked it will taste delicious. We loved this meal with its delicious flavours, our only complaint would be that we would have loved more steak and less of the red cabbage. We found that was a lot of red cabbage which we didn't finish so I'd recommend using less than the recipe states. 

Price was the boxes for some would be a little on the expensive side however for us I can say it would be great to do very occasionally when we have the funds to do so. I would certainly use Hello Fresh in the future and I can see them being super convenient for those with a busy life style for new parents who just don't have the time with meal planning. 

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