Wanting to change but not sure how

I'm overweight, actually scrap that I am obese and something needs to be done. Something needs to change my diet needs to be better and I need to start exercising again. The trouble is since I fell pregnant with Blake in 2014 my healthy eating and exercising has gone to pot. 

I have tried but seem to give in after a few days when the chocolate cravings come and I end up pigging out, as for exercise again I have tried however since having a C-section I have found that doing an exercise DVD at home would cause me pain around my stomach area. 

At my heaviest 

My weight has always been up and down most of my life at my heaviest I was a size 24 and at my slimmest a size 12/14. I'm now a size 18/20 which is the size I've been mostly at. However I'm not happy, I don't like what I see in the mirror and I want to be a lot more healthier and be able to run around after my son and have a lot more energy. 

But what do you do when you feel you are stuck and really don't know how to get out of the bad habits that you have formed. I'm uncomfortable in what I wear and totally self conscious that people are looking at me.  

At my slimmest 

When I was at my heaviest I wasn't happy and just like now I feel that I was getting into bad habits. I eventually realised enough was enough and in 2013 I embarked on my slimming world journey where from January 2013 -March 2014 I lost 6 stone 2lb . I was the happiest and healthiest then, I had so much more energy and was happier in how I looked especially in what I wore and confidence seemed to excel too. 

I then fell pregnant and found the best way to prevent morning sickness was to not get even slightly hungry so was constantly eating the wrong things. I decided that while I was pregnant I was just going to eat what I wanted and then get back to slimming world after my 6 week check once baby was here.

It didn't work that way I have tried going back to slimming world 3 times since having Blake and not been able to stick at it like I had done previously the motivation just isn't there. So now I'm at a point where I want to change but am unsure how.

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