My Velcro Toddler

I've been guilty from time to time wishing that Blake wasn't too clingy. I love him he is my world but sometimes it would be nice to be able to sit down without a toddler climbing all over me. Then the guilt sets in as I know that not all parents get the opportunity to spend time with their child for various reasons such as working most days. 

Last week I was up with Blake at 1 am as he woke and all he wanted was me. I ended up climbing into bed with him and dropped off to sleep myself waking up at 4 am and sneaking out whilst he was in a deep slumber. 

Even though there are moments like these when I wish he would just let me sleep. I do realise it wont last forever and that one day he will stop wanting me as much and I'll miss it. 
I remember when Blake was a baby and how he would fall asleep on me and I would just take him all in knowing that it wouldn't last forever and it didn't he now no longer falls asleep on me like he use to and I do miss that. 

Each day he is getting more and more independent and for now he still needs me. So yes Blake is clingy he climbs all over me whenever I sit down, he wants me on the rare occasion in the night and he even during the day just wants to be held and so from now on I'm going to cherish it as I don't know how long that will last. 

So when puts his arms up I'm going to scoop him up let him swing his legs around my waist even though he is getting heavier each day as one day he wont want that anymore and even though he will always be my baby one day he will leave me and have a life of his own. 

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