Summer Beauty Trends for 2017

Although it is Summer even if some days weather wise you would think otherwise its still a great time to try out different make up looks. Here are some of the 2017 summer make up trends that work for me: 

Smudged eyeliner
When it comes to eyeliner I've never been that good at it so now summer is here and smudged eyeliner seems to be a trend I can relax more about how my eyeliner looks. 

Dewy complexion 
When it comes to my foundation during the summer months I like to use one that has less coverage and one that makes me have a beautiful glow. I also opt for one that has spf 15 or above. 

Sheet Masks
I do love a good face mask and recently I've been loving sheet masks which are ever growing popular. I love them more than traditional clay or gel masks as they much more easier at applying and removing. 

Some other trends are: 

Dry Face Brushing
I've yet to try this however definitely plan on giving this a try anything that makes my skin look much better is worth trying. 

I've tried waxing, shaving, hair removal creams and even threading however I'm yet to try electrolysis which is becoming a popular hair removal method this summer. 

Gradual in shower tan lotion 
This innovative product allows you to gradually and easily build colour over time. I've never been one for tanning however can see it being a great idea for those that love to self tan. 

Bright colours are popular in summer months. I've never been one for nail polish however since I was a bridesmaid in May I love the idea of sitting at nail stations and getting my toes painted a lovely bright colour.  

You can read more about summer beauty trends and tips for 2017 in this handy e-book