7 Favourite Bedtime Books for Kids

When it comes to Blake's bed room he spends a lot of time in their, Laughing, playing and of course sleeping. He also has a lot of toys and books and so we try and make the room quiet and relaxed for bedtime. He currently sleeps in a single bed and in the future we may consider getting him a mid sleeper to maximise space.

One of the big things when it comes to bedtime is a good routine and our favourite part is to read him a book. Blake owns a lot of books however we have a good few books which we tend to read at bedtime.

So here are 7 current favourite bedtime reads: 

The Tiger who came to tea
This is such a classic and book the 3 of us all love. This story is of Sophie and her extraordinary tea time guest. The story has been loved by millions of children  since it was published 50 years ago. 

Mog the forgetful cat 
Another classic and a story of everyone's favourite family cat Mog. Mog always seems to be in trouble. She forgets that she has a cat flap and she forgets that she has already eaten her supper. But, one night, Mog’s forgetfulness comes in very handy…

One night in the zoo
"One moonlit, magical night in the zoo, An elephant jumped in the air and flew.But nobody knew." like the above two books this one is also by Judith Kerr and an another great bed time read. 

Goodnight Iggle Piggle
It's no surpise that some In the night garden books would be included. It's almost time for bed in the Night Garden, but first Igglepiggle wants to say goodnight to all his friends. What a good idea! Let's go with Igglepiggle as he gives each of his friends a hug.

Sleep tight Upsy Daisy
Upsy Daisy's having fun dancing, and she's not ready to go to bed yet. Come play with Upsy Daisy in the garden, and then settle down to sleep as she does the same!

Time for bed everybody 
Join Igglepiggle and his friends on a busy day in the Night Garden, turning the clock hands as you go, and then say goodnight when it's time for bed. 

Night Monkey, Day Money 
Night Monkey and Day Monkey don’t think they have much in common. But when they each spend time in the other's opposite worlds, they learn a lot - and they also learn to be the best of friends.

So there you have it some of our favourite bedtime reads. We do love finding new books to read so we would love to know yours/your child's favourite bedtime stories. 

*In collaboration with Happy Beds

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