Blogger/Home Office Essentials

I've written a few times now on the topic of blogging especially with how much hard work goes into it. I've also shared some tips for starting your own blog. Today though I wanted to share with you some of my blogging/office "essentials". I say essentials however they are things that I love that make blogging more fun and organised rather than a must have.

Unicorns are popular at the moment and so I was excited that Find me a gift have this cute Unicorn Tape dispenser.  For me this is quirky little item to sit on my desk and as it has magical rainbow tape I can use it for sticking little quotes above my desk.

A must have for me is items to jot down important notes which is why I love the Eric the memo elephant. Eric the memo elephant is ceramic and comes with a whiteboard pen and coth. This is an ideal for saving on post it notes and is much nicer too. He looks so cute sat on my desk. 

I love using fun and colourful pens for jotting down ideas in my many notebooks and so these ones from Pentel in the Energel ink range are ideal for me as the ink is fast drying which is ideal with me being left handed meaning no smudges.

Also when it comes to pens it's lovely to have my own personalised which I use specifically for blog related note taking. This personalised chrome pen and case from Gift Pup is classy  and also makes a great gift if you are a blogger or otherwise.  I got my case personalised with: Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat and the pen it'self has my name on it. I think it's great that you can personalise with your own special message.

Another item which is also from Gift Pup is a personalised notebook I love this cute floral design its right up my street and very shabby chic. I love to have different notebooks for certain blog related things. 

On the subject of books blog planners are great for tracking stats, what posts you have planned for each day of the month etc. I also love the book 365 Blog Topic Ideas as it's very helpful for when I am a bit stuck for inspiration. It has everyday idea as well as some seasonal ones too. 

The Leather Goals Journal from Find me a gift is a great way for me to jot down my blogging goals, dreams and ambitions. I love the blush pink leather embossed with "Goals Journal" and  "Achieve your dream life" in copper. It contains 260 pages of plain paper so enough for avid writer like myself. 

When at my desk I love nothing better than sipping on a hot drink. In the morning this tends to be coffee or hot chocolate in the evenings if I am working prior to bedtime.This Heat-Sensitive Sleeping Panda Mug is a cute addition to my mug collection. As you fill the mug with hot water the panda wakes up, opens its eyes and turns from black to white. Once cold the panda will go back to sleep once more. 

When it comes to taking the perfect images for my blog I mainly use my camera however from time to time I use my phone as well. This Pixi Mini Tripod is a must have for helping me to take great quality photos.  It's portable and sturdy so ideal for taking with you on the go so ideal for blogging. Weighing only 190g, the PIXI can take a maximum weight of 1kg – ideal for Compact System Cameras. It can be used as a sturdy base for taking photos, or as a comfortable grip to taking videos. The push button allows you to position and securely lock the ball head in a single movement – position the ball head to get the shot you want when the button is pushed, and release the button to lock the head in place.

Do you have any blogging must haves? 

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