Autumn Pre-School Run Wishlist

Now that autumn is here and Blake started Pre-School last week I have compiled a wishlist of Items that I would like for when I am doing the Pre-School run. 

I am in need of a much better coat for the Pre-School run ,as the last few weeks I have found my usual coat isn't as waterproof as I would like it to be. I really love this navy design by Joules as it looks stylish but also will keep the rain off me. I love that its a neutral colour so will go with a lot my clothing and accessories. 

Another item is a comfy pair of shoes. I like to wear boots in autumn/ winter however my current pair have left me with blisters. I love wearing black knee high ones and this pair look great with a zip down the side and a small heel meaning they should be comfy. I love black boots as they go with everything that I wear. 

It's lovely to have my own bag again and not having to use a changing bag anymore. I do love the one above as its smart looking and a good enough size for what I need as I don't take much with me these days. As with the boots I like black bags as they go with everything I own and so are perfect when I am popping out to do the school run. 

Not an essential however I'd love a fitbit flex 2 as I'm starting to get into the idea of tracking my steps. I think it's a great way for you to know if you are doing the recommended amount of steps in a day. I'm certainly walking a lot more than I use to thanks to doing the Pre-school run most days.    

What are your Pre-School/School run must have's for the autumn?

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