Tips for getting natural light in the winter months

As much as I love autumn/winter months and wrapping up in warm clothing like the cosy jumpers from LOTD one of thing I do miss is the lighter mornings and evenings and the days not being dark and dull thanks to rain. As a blogger I find taking photos this time of year a bit of a challenge, however I'm hoping to see a lightbox under the tree this Christmas as its something I've been thinking of getting for a while now. 

This time of year is also when a lot of people suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) although its not something I have experience with myself. I do find that sometimes when it's chucking it down with rain out side and is freezing cold that I do feel a bit down in the dumps. Nothing beats a hot chocolate and snuggled up with a book to beat that for me. 

However there are a few things you can do to get natural light into your home. First of all there are day light bulbs which are something I have actually only just found out exist. They are bulbs that mimic the bright sunshine and I can see this would also help when it comes to taking blog photos too as you wouldn't have the yellow hues.

Another way is to make sure you open your blinds/curtains to let natural light flood your room/s.Roof Windows sell a wide range of flat roof windows including electric and solar ones. These are a great way of getting natural light into your home with the sunlight directly above. 

Last of all another item that would be worth investing in is a Lumie bodyclock. The Lumie bodyclock helps to wake you with a natural gradual brightening light helping you to wake feeling more refreshed, alert and energised. The bodyclock also has a sunset feature of 30 minutes to help you to relax ready for sleep as the light slowly fades fades to off. I think this would be ideal for me as I sometimes find it hard to shut off in the evenings and I'm definitely not a morning person. 

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