Book Review: Pasta Kidz (The Inventing Tubes)

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Now onto a review of a fun kids book suitable for primarily 4- 7 years old that younger children such as Blake who is 3 will love too. Written by Bryony Supper.

"The Pasta Kidz and Pasta Petz Adventures introduce a brand new magical Pastaworld with different Pasta languages! Pasta musical instruments! Plus the Pasta Petz in their very own Pastamobile! Always at hand to help the Kidz and much, much more! All the Pasta kidz have their own unique personalities, and the differences in both appearance and language do  not matter. Friendship is the most important thing as they encounter fantastical Beings and Beasties. The Pasta Kidz and Petz invite you into their world."

The Inventing Tubes is the first book in the Pasta Kidz and Pasta Petz adventure series, with eleven more books to follow. In the book Marc Macaroni uses the inventing tubes to invent the fantastic Pastaball, Sarah Spaghetti is impatient and tries to invent her own without reading the instructions properly! The Pasta Petz arrive in the Pastamobile to save the day, however they are so busy no one hears the Pasta Beasties in the distance!

The book is a fun read I can see children finding this serious of books loads of fun. The Illustrations are colourful and eye catching. Near the end of the book is where you meet the Pasta Kidz and the Petz and I personally feel that I would have preferred this to be at the beginning on the book. There is also a Pasta Volcabulary which again I feel would have been better at the front of the book. Other than that It's a lovely read and we are looking forward to hearing more about their adventures. 

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