Decluttering: Things you need to get rid of now ( Tactical Tuesdays)


Happy New Year! After taking a little break during December from  Tactical Tuesdays due to it being a very busy month for us with Blake's birthday, the festivities and of course Christmas I am exciting to be back co-hosting with the lovely Vicky.

If you have not joined in with this linky or need a reminder the idea behind the linky is that you share with us your Tactical Parenting posts/hacks for the week. This can be crafts, recipes, meal plans, reviews etc. Both old and new posts are welcome in the link up all you have to do is grab the badge at the end of the post and the rules are also stated below too. 

Now that Christmas is over and the new year has begun one of the things I do and I know a lot of you do as well is Declutter. There is definitely something about the new year that makes people feel positive and feel they can do anything and is all about fresh starts. 

I thought I'd compile a handy list of items that you need to get rid of this year: 

- Bridesmaids dresses
I have a lovely dress and some heels I wore last year and I know I wont use them again and are taking up much needed space in our home. 

- Pens that don't work

- Miscellaneous plugs and chargers 
for some reason we have loads and have never worked out what they belong to or have used them in the 3 years that we have lived in this flat so they have got to go. 

- Old suncream/medications 
I need to go through my cupboards and chuck them all out as they aren't needed

- Takeout menu's
They pile up and most of the time we just order online so are not needed

- Clothes
Ones that don't fit, haven't been worn in ages or a getting a bit tatty. The same applies your child/rens clothing. 

- Leftovers in the freezer
If it's been in there awhile or you have no idea how long its been in there its time to chuck 

- Old Birthday cards
In my teens I use to keep all my birthday cards no idea why. Now after a week I chuck them out.

- Tupperware without lids
Tupperware lids are like the missing socks of the kitchen. No point having loads of tupperware and no lids.

I don't buy CDs anymore and listen to music online however if you have any sentimental CDs than keep them. 

-Threadbare towels
We purchased new towels before Christmas and need to get rid of our old ones

- Plastic bags 
I think most of us have a draw filled with plastic bags we now use bags for life so these are no longer needed

- Dead batteries

- Old phones 

- Old make up

- Old or unused toys
you may have to sneak these out the home

- Broken or unwanted books 

Tactical Tuesday at Joanna Victoria

If you have a post/hack this week, come and link up – I’m looking forward to reading the posts that you share and will comment and share them on Twitter through the course of the week. Thank you so much for taking part.

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  1. This is such a great list for anyone who needs to do a bit of a clearout, pens is such a good one as well. I mean how many do I need that don't work?! Why don't I just throw them away when I realise they don't work instead of putting them back in the draw! So many questions lol.

  2. ahh yes, I think I may need more than one Tuesday to declutter. I need to throw rather than move things to hidey holes hehe

  3. Some great tips here to help with decluttering. I always need a good clear out after Christmas! I bet I’ve got loads of bottles of old sun cream hanging around.

  4. I definitely need to start the year by decluttering! We have far too many things in this house.

  5. Decluttering is my main goal for 2018 because we tend to accumulate SO MUCH STUFF! It actually baffles me!

  6. Some great ideas of things to get rid of- I am having a mass declutter this weekend

  7. Ah yes pens that do not work is something I need to get rid of. I have so many knocking about haha x

  8. Over the past week and for most of January I am working on clearing out every single inch of my flat to get rid of some of the bits you've mentioned. It always feels nice throwing things out x

  9. Haha I was only nagging my husband yesterday about getting rid of all the pens we have. Most of them don't even work!

  10. My mummy is totally looking forward to decluttering this weekend and finds it therapeutic! Great suggestions here and it makes a great activity to do to de-stress!

  11. A great list here, I love a good old January declutter! Totally agree with sneaking old toys out- why do kids cling to tat?! Lol! #tacticaltuesdays

  12. Decluttering can be so satisfying. We're moving soon so I'm trying to get rid of at least one piece of clutter a week so these tips are definitely needed!

    C x

  13. I'm going through a bit of a purge myself! I'd like to add chipped plates and mugs and unused DVDs to the list.

  14. I love de-cluttering after Christmas, this is such a handy list for having a good clear out!

  15. We all have the above mentioned items floating around and I think its about time I de cluttered too. Great prompt.

  16. I've had a massive post Christmas declutter it was much needed. Great list. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  17. I've got a fair few of those. I'm keeping my wedding dress though - even though I can't get into it now!

  18. Decluttering is a royal pain, until you have done it and wish you had done it earlier. We did the book case before Christmas and got rid of 14 bags of books and DVD's to the charity shop!

  19. I'm emailing this incredible list to my loving partner. the Mrs. She will probably kill me, but she needs this! We are moving and this is perfect! #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

  20. OMG takeout menus are so annoying! I literally had a drawer full from when we threw them in 'just incase we ever needed them' when they were delivered. I'm never letting that happen again. Until next time ;) LOL

    Louise x

  21. LOL I totally agree with you on pens that dont work. The amount of time I see people get one out of a drawer, try it out, find it doesnt work and then put it back in!! xxx