Is 3 too young to have a tablet?

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It's a question that Stuart and I had been asking ourselves a lot recently. After a long debate about it we decided to get Blake his own Amazon fire for kids. It's definitely a topic that has mixed opinions and screen time is a topic I've wrote about before. 

At 3 some people feel that its too young for children to have their own tablet. Which I think is fair enough as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Blake loves playing games on both my tablet and phone and so now we decided to get him his own tablet and be pretty strict with his usage. Here are the things we have decided to implement:

-Internet is turned off
-He is only allowed to use it for  short periods of time
-He has to do educational apps first such as learning shapes and numbers
-Once he has done 15 mins of educational stuff he can move onto playing a game or watch a kid's show.
-We also have a pin code so he can't go into mine and Stuart's accounts to change any settings. 
 We have it set so that he can only see and use age appropriate content 
- only we can download apps etc for him so we know what he is watching etc.

The Amazon fire for kids is suitable for children aged between 3 and 12 years.  I feel as children tend use technology a lot these days especially when it comes to some pre-schools and schools its worthwhile Blake learning how to start using them now.

I feel that a tablet at this age is perfectly fine if their are strict parental controls and that its not used all the time. I think apps can be a great way for children to learn as well as fun for them too.

This week's featured  post is from  Rabbit ideas with her post on 9 ways to support early literacy in your community. The post has such great ideas and definitely some I'll be doing I especially love the story sack idea.

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