Customer Service: what do you want from your phone call?

Customer Service: what do you want from your phone call?

When it comes to having to make a phone call to customer service of a company its definitely something I hate doing.  The last thing I want when having to pick up the phone is to have to deal with poor customer service. 

When contacting customer service like most people I have an idea in my head on what a expect from the call. 

First up I don't want to be waiting around for the phone to be answered and I find it irritating just hearing it ring and ring with no anwser. I also much prefer to speak to a human rather than a robot and it seems others agree too! CCSN recently did a survey to find out what respondents hope to get out of a customer service phone call. 92% stated that they would rather have their phone call anwsered by a human as opposed to a robotic service. 

Another thing that annoys me with customer service is being passed around to different departments as I expect problems to be resolved quickly and with precision.

I like it when a company gives you the option to email rather than ring them. I've never been confident on the phone so being able to email instead takes the stress out of making a query or complaint.

An example I've had of great customer service recently was when e-mailing my internet provider. Our bill had gone up and I noticed they had a cheaper deal online if we did a 12 month contract.  So I got in touch asking if this was something I could change to. I also asked to get an online bill instead of a paper bill too.

I had a positive response within 24 hours informing me they would change the deal ready for the following month and sent over log in details for me access my bill online each month.  

I was very impressed with how quick and positive the response was considering a previous internet provider I was with had awful customer service.

You can read this handy infographic below on what else CCSN they found from their survey on customer service.

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