Finance For Freedom ( The course)

Recently I was given the oppertunity by the lovely financial coach Eileen Adamson from your money sorted to do her 28 day Finance For Freedom course.

The course is £399 however I was given access to the course at no cost so I could share with you my readers insight in what the course is about and how I got on etc. 

On the course you will learn about your habits, personality and attitudes towards money and the impact that these can have on your spending. This will help to transform the way you think about and manage money, and consequently help you to save money and manage your money more effectively now and in the future. Did you know that Brits admit that they won't be able to pay off Christmas debt until April?

At the beginning of the course there is the pre-start and introduction, this is where you are given advice on sorting out your paperwork first, how the course works and the workbook which you can download to either use electronicly or to print off. 

Module one is all about thinking how your attitude with money affects your finances, changing your beliefs in regards to money, a money habitials quiz,and more. It's a great way to look at what you want from the course as well as knowing more about your spending habits. There is even a video to help you come up with your own outcome statement. 

Module two is about building an action plan, making goals and possible steps you can take. When it comes to making your own goals its important to make sure that they are SMART. ( specific, measurable, achieveable, realistic and timely). 

The advice in these two modules have really got me thinking about things I can change.  

Module three is where you start to look at different ways you can increase your income. 

You start to look at your needs vs your wants, find out about different ways you  can increase your income, benefits and minimising your money. Some examples of increasing money are mentioned in the screen shot below however there are many more ideas within the course. 

I loved the value for money section as it really got me thinking  before I buy the cost per use as well as the other ideas mentioned such as comparing prices.

Module four is all about different ways you can decrease your expenditure. 

Eileen helps you out with many ideas on how to reduce costs in different areas such as spending on food,  everyday costs, household expenses and more. 

She even helps you with advice on credit ratings, learning about debt and advice on how to pay off debt for example the snowball method. 

I must admit the debt section for me was a learning curve as I've never actually taken out a loan, credit card or found myself in debt although I know a few people that have and the advice is invaluable. 

Module five is all about learning and experiencing different methods of managing your money and learn about how to prepare for life's expected and unexpected events. 

There are many great sections in this module such as having a spending plan, the envelope system,  tracking your money , methods of managing money, having  an emergency fund plus more. 

I've found some great information in this module and the envelope system is something I'm planning on giving ago along with tracking my money. I'm also planning on building up my emergency fund with the ideas mentioned within this module. 

Module six is all about future proofing your finances in regards to saving, borrowing, investments, random thoughts and how to sustain change. Below is a screen shot of some of the ideas that didn't  fit well in other areas of the course such as insurance and entertaining children. 

Last of all Module seven is all about looking back at what you have learnt throughout the course. From what you have achieved, revisiting your goals and where you can find the handy Facebook group to help you keep on track along with other ideas for saving money.  

The course is really invaluable and I want to thank Eileen for giving me the chance to complete  and share this course with you. 

If you haven't read her blog yet I'd definitely check it out. For now I'll leave you with 6 reasons why you should join the finance for freedom course.

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