A trip to the Farm, reflexology and a rose tattoo #LittleLoves

What a week! We made the most of it being Blake's last day of the Easter Holidays on Monday with a lovely trip to Green Dragon Eco Farm. With the Sun finally arriving, I've found my mood has lifted and I've not being feeling as low this week. Blake's loved being back at preschool and the children have been outdoors a lot which Blake has loved.

Anyway lets get into all the lovely things from this week.


Whenever I've had a spare moment this week I've been getting through my two recent copies of In the Moment and Breathe Magazine.  I'm definitely loving breathe more though so will stop purchasing in the moment. Don't get me wrong they are both lovely magazines its just I've enjoyed more of the articles in the two copies of Breathe I've read so far.

I've also enjoyed a few blog posts this week:

I'm really into essentail oils so I'm looking forward to try out this recipe once I get round to getting the ingredients I don't yet have.

Me, him, dog and a baby - A guide to selling on Facebook

I much prefer to sell unwanted items on Facebook these days instead of eBay and this post is handy as I've been struggling to sell things recently. I definitely need to start describing items in my selling posts rather thsn relying on just the image.


As i've mentioned already we went to the farm on Monday. It was lovely watching Bake having do much fun and so sweet watchjng him stroke a lamb. I wish i had managed to get a photo.

Television and film wise there’s been very little I’ve actually watched apart from Riverdale which I've caught up with. 


Yesterday I had my first  reflexology session which was so relaxing and I loved hearing the relaxing music in the background. I'm definitely going to have to listen to this kind of thing a lot more, especially when feeling stressed.


We've finally made a holiday booking! We had originally planned to go to fetuventura this year, however plans have changed and we hope to go next year instead. This way we can save more  so we can go for two weeks rather than just one. Instead we are staying the UK and going to Hayling Island in Hampshire with Park Dean resort's.


I had my beauty and the beast rose tattoo done on Saturday and its starting to heal nicely now. I really love how its turned out and am now trying to decide what I want my next tattoo to be. 

And lastly...

I'm planning to try and fit in a bit of shopping at the weekend as I've realised I'm in the need of some more summery bits such as new flipflops, dresses etc.

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