How to read more

I've always loved reading as far back as I can remember. This year I set myself the goal of reading more. This is because since having Blake I found I'd been reading less and less. Now I've started to really get back into it and have been asked frequently how I find the time to read more.

All I've done is made simple changes:

Read everyday 
I always make sure I find the time to read every single day.  Even if its a few chapters before bed.

Fitting it in
Most of my reading time is in the evening once Blake is in bed. I also try and fit in some reading once Blake is at pre-school and whenever I get a chance at other points in the day depending on how much there is to do.

Turn off the TV
I used to watch Hollyoaks in the evening's and once Blake was in bed I'd spend a good 3 to 4 hours binge watching something on Netflix. I've now cut this down so that I can read more. 

Putting down my phone
I also found I'd waste precious reading time by scrolling through Facebook and instagram a lot. It can be easy to get sucked into social media so I'm trying to cut my time online down. 

As I said its just very simple things I've been doing. Do you think you could cut down on tv and social media usage? If you give it a try to get more reading done I'd love to know how you get on. Last of all I want to know when do you find the best time to read? Are you like me and find the evening's the best? 

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