Breathe Magazine and Nature Journal

A few months ago I came across Breathe Magazine which was on its 11th issue and since then I have been buying the Magazine as a bi monthly treat to myself. Breathe is a mindfulness magazine filled with features for a calmer and more relaxed you. The magazine is an exceptional read for when you are making time for yourself as self care is so important. The magazine gives me a chance to escape for a little while whether reading relaxed in bed or on the beach or taking a moment when on a busy train. I took my copy on holiday recently for when I needed just a minute to myself.

Issue 13 of the Magazine is out now and I was excited when I was sent a copy and it landed on my mat. As usual the Magazine is packed with relatable and interesting features and the art work as beautiful as ever.  All 3 issues I've owned of Breathe magazine have been filled with such gorgeous images and  amazing content that has got me really thinking. In issue 13 some of my favourite features include:  How to leave the past behind, summer reads, Turn back the clock and Are you a kindrovert?

Breathe also do a teen breathe Magazine and other specials such as journals. I definitely have my eye on the list one and the summer special that has just come out today. 

Breathe also sent me their nature journal to help me to feel more connected to nature. I own quite a few journals and love that this one is different from the others that I own.
The nature journal is filled with ways to awaken your senses to the natural world. The journal covers all four seasons where you will find prompts and ideas for example your picnic menu, dream garden, flower art and ways to bring nature into your home plus loads more. It's a great way to slow down, take notice of your surroundings and enjoy being in the moment with nature. Like with Breathe Magazine the Nature Journal is filled with gorgeous images.

You are sure to get loads out of the Magazine (£5.99) and the Nature Journal (£7.99). I'll certainly be implementing a lot from what I have read and am looking forward to getting more into nature with Blake especially with the summer holidays fast approaching.

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